Pedal Board for Tyros 4

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Pedal Board for Tyros 4

Unread post by Chandeneze » Thu Apr 11, 2019 10:13 am

Hi group,
I need some info to get me up to speed with what I want to do.
I own a Tyros 4 and Korg PAX4. I want to add a set of midi pedals (Viscount) to my collection. The reason is to use the keyboards and the pedals as a organ.
The pedals I want to add is a 1-16 channel programable Mute pedal board (viscount 9P6122722M1MD) I am not up to speed on how the setup will operate. Can the group please explain to me if this is the right choice and if I will have full access to all the voices on my Tyros 4 to the Pedal board.
What does mute exactly mean. Does it mute the specific sound on the keyboard.

Apricate all info I can get.
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Re: Pedal Board for Tyros 4

Unread post by Saul » Thu Apr 11, 2019 5:26 pm

Hi Chandeneze, welcome to the forums :)

I have never used a pedal board myself and I am in complete awe of people who can use one. Seems like quite a complex thing to be able to do?

I have no doubt you could add a midi pedal board to the Tyros4 and the KORG PA4X and it would just be a matter of setting the whole thing up. Which I will have to leave to someone more familiar with pedal boards and these two keyboards. I am sure someone will know how to do it. Anyone care to chip in here?
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Re: Pedal Board for Tyros 4

Unread post by parametric » Fri Apr 12, 2019 12:36 am

Hi Chandeneze,

I have no specialised knowledge of the boards you mention, but have some knowledge of Organs of the

Pipe/Church variety.

Church Organs Do have separate registrations for the pedals, either by pulling out actual "stops", or combination

buttons below the keys, or, above the pedal board . . .The combo buttons are (I think) programmable . . .

There are additional functions for "coupling" Manual to manual, (e.g Swell to Choir) or indeed Pedal to manual

(e.g. Pedal to Great).

As far as the Tyros or the Korg are concerned, I would say that the Viscount would simply be regarded as a

"Mother" keyboard.

Connection should be easy, but sorting out the midi routing, less so I suspect . . . .

However, midi IS extremely versatile, and it should be possible to do what you want . . .

Yamaha and Korg DO do things differently - and you'll need to know how BOTH set about it to be successful . . .

We do have one member in here <Fozzer>? that I know uses a pair of Boards, ONE of which is a Korg,

to simulate the Hammond 2-manual arrangement,

though I DON'T think he uses a Pedal Board with it? . . . . .

Perhaps that helps . . .

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