How to convert voices T2 -> T3

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How to convert voices T2 -> T3

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I've found Expansion Pack called "Super EditionWeb" ("HD_SE" folder) which is located in Tyros-3 download directory at Yamaha main page.
But in fact, as I found, it is "Tyros2 Super Edition Platinum" and was being sold with Tyros-2. It's apparently Yamaha's mistake in positioning the file in correct directory, however I try to convert these files for use with Tyros-3.

There are 4 directories here: registrations, styles, voices and multipads.

Styles are the simplest job - just copy & paste and they work.
Voices - it's where hard thing begins. Tyros-2 uses 3 types of files:
* TVN - contains set of samples
* TVI - definition of TVN files being loaded
* TVD - custom drum voice

I've found these files to be incombatible with Tyros-3. But there's a utility that converts TVN files into UVN ones - called "Awave studio". It will not convert TVI, or TVD files, howewer (maybe it is some workaround to convert TVD files with RAW data load and some kind of setup/ammendments = I don't know). I've tried to rename TVI to UVI and then, in these files, change all "TVN" into "UVN" extensions.

Effect - Library Load from Voice Creator will end up with "A certain voice has not been loaded properly" (there's was no TVD files in UVI definition file yet, so it must be something wrong either with some UVN converted file, or UVI format = which is purely taken from Tyros-2 as I changed only TVN extensions to UVN leaving all rest untouched).

Have you got any clue how to complete my mission ? Where to find out UVI and TVI files format ?

OK, I've done it. As soon as I got TVN -> UVN converted, I am able to do "Individual Load" instead of "Library Load". It takes much more time and - probably - changes an order in case if I delete some files in the meanwhile (due to bad conversion ?), so it might assign wrong instrument # to registrations, haven't checked it yet.. but it works. After that I can save library picking newly installed files, so it will update UVI file in the end.

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Re: How to convert voices T2 -> T3

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I'm glad you were able to figure out a way to do it, even if it's more work. And thank you for telling us what you had to do, in case someone else ever needs to do this. :)
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