Using Multipads with Backing Tracks

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Using Multipads with Backing Tracks

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This could get complicated .... but here goes.

I have been using my Tyros 5 for just about a year and am just beginning to find my way around it. What a brilliant piece of kit. I was previously a Roland G70 user.
I play with a 4 piece Latin band where we use backing tracks for some of our numbers.
My problem is the following....

[1] - We record the backing track and import it into the T5 from a USB into the HD to the AUDIO file.
[2] - I create a MULTIPAD button for the backing track - this allows you to select the AUDIO you require
[3] - I then link the MULTIPAD button to the REGISTRATION section with the sounds/instrumentation that i require.

This process enables me to select the tune from the Folder they are stored in - press the first REGISTRATION button which in turn selects the MULTIPAD created backing track. Press the MULTIPAD button and the backing track starts with that particular tune and the instrumentation previously selected.

So far - so good - all works perfectly

My question now is - if i try to add something like a whistle or other Latin percussion sounds to the same remaining three MULTIPADS - that button will select the whistle which of course will continue to play until i press stop which then stops the Audio track as well

My question is this -

Is there any way that i can use the MULTIPAD facility to select other Latin percussion while the selected backing track is still playing on MULTIPAD button 1?

I hope this question is of interest to others and can be answered for me.

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