Panel buttons not working on tyros5

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Panel buttons not working on tyros5

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Good day everybody,
There are two ICs in Tyros5, 4, 3... and even in almost all PSR serious keyboards. They reside on PNL and PNR boards. They're named IC2. In Tyros serious they're usually the TMP89FW24AFG chip which is a microcontroller. With the issue I'm facing with my Tyros5, I was told by a Yamaha technician and provided with official document from Yamaha Japan which says:" Either replace IC2 or the PNL board." I choose to replace IC2 since it is cheaper. If the flash memory of this ic contains a program which I will NOT be able to put back on the new IC my efforts would be meaningless otherwise the issue will resolve. Does anyone know if the IC2 on PNL board has a program on it or not?

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Re: Panel buttons not working on tyros5

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The TMP89FW24AFG will need programmed to function properly on the PNL board, otherwise it will just sit there and do nothing.
Yamaha may have cut a deal with Toshiba to supply them already programmed as they will use them in the 1000's.


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