Tyros 4 & Logic Pro X

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Tyros 4 & Logic Pro X

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Just got both Tyros 4 and Logic Pro X.

1) Got a lot of MIDI files produced as backing tracks. They get exported from Tyros to a .wav file to be played from OnSong via iPad on gigs. That works fine.

I would like to bounce all tracks as separate .wav files to use and edit them in Logic - found out, that I need to export each track one at a time :-(

My thought was then to load the MIDI file directly into Logic and then export. Now I need to use the internal sounds in Logic, but they don't setup nearby the same type of sound as in the Tyros: a bass in Tyros can be set up as Organ in Logic, a guitar in Tyros ends up as synth in Logic and so on. Now I need to guess, which sound is going to which channel. Is there any clever way to get some sound info with from the Tyros?

Another way could be, that I use the Tyros as external sounds from Logic and then record from Tyros line out to Logic audio input, but then I still need to do one single channel at a time.

The best solution was, that if the Tyros had a built in soundcard, so it just could send each sound into Logic via USB, but I don't think that's ever gonna happen.

Any good ideas on this?

2) My second whish is to record MIDI in Logic from whats played in the Tyros Styles: I wan't to play a song using the Tyros Style & arranger part, but record every single note played on every channel in Logic. This way I can use Logic sounds and edit there but still have the notes generated from the style.

Is this possible?

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