im a newbie tyros1 how do i use registrations

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im a newbie tyros1 how do i use registrations

Unread post by henrykirk » Sun Jul 03, 2016 9:10 am

tyros tips much appreciated
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Re: im a newbie tyros1 how do i use registrations

Unread post by SeaGtGruff » Mon Jul 04, 2016 8:47 am

As I said in another of your threads, I don't have a Tyros. But I do have a few PSR-E models that have registrations-- although their registrations are much simpler than the Tyros' registrations.

As you may know, a registration is like a snapshot of all or most of the settings on your keyboard. Saving a registration lets you recall those settings nearly instantly at a later time, often by pressing just one button-- unless you first need to switch to a different bank of registrations, which will require additional button presses.

One way that Tyros and PSR owners use the registrations is to set up their keyboard the way they prefer it to be "initialized" after they turn on the keyboard. As you may know, the keyboard starts up in a sort of "factory default" mode as far as the voices and most of the settings are concerned, although there are usually at least a few settings (depending on the keyboard model) that do get saved when you turn off the keyboard. So rather than have to manually change all of the settings that don't get saved, you might want to set up the keyboard the way you prefer it to be, save the settings to a registration, and recall that particular registration right after the keyboard finishes booting up when you turn it on. I believe that most people who do this usually save their preferred settings to Registration 1 Bank 1, so there's no need to switch registration banks before recalling the registration.

Another idea is to save your keyboard's settings to a registration just before you turn it off at the end of a session. That way, if you want to continue your session at another time, you can restore your keyboard back to the way you previously had it set up the next time you turn it on. You wouldn't want to overwrite your preferred default settings with these "previous session" settings, so you'd likely want to save them to Registration 2 Bank 1, or something like that (it's up to you).

If you use your Tyros for gigging or performing song sets-- even if it isn't on a professional basis-- you might want to save registrations that let you quickly switch voices and such in the middle of a song, to make it easy to play the various parts of the song. For instance, you might use an organ voice during the first part of the song, then play the next part using an electric guitar voice, then an electric piano voice, then a trumpet voice, etc. And of course you can create additional registrations for additional songs, putting together registrations for an entire set list.
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