Forscore ; AirTurn Ped

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Forscore ; AirTurn Ped

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I have just bought the iPad app 'forscore' and love it - I can gradually add all my sheet music to it and set up play lists etc. etc. Better than trying to sort through 1000's of pages, sheets etc. Also, even House of The Rising Sun is 8 pages is 8 pages and many things will not fit on the Tyros - add a foot pedal that connects to 'forscore' which acts as an instant page turner and away we go. BUT:

My iPad is really an eye strain for reading A4 music sheet at around half size. I want to be able to read it at full size - I want something that will run forscore and have bluetooth 4.0 compatability.

Any ideas on what I can use? Is anyone using forscore with an A4 screen?

Alternatively is anyone using an android system that does a similar job?

Finally AirTurn Ped, which has won massive praise, has been discontinued - so I'mt stuffed there as well!

Feel free to answer any bit of this you can!!!



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