Y.E.S 4 vs. Y.E.S 5

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If you don't care about the sound quality, but want the best board for learning a beginner.

PSR-E313 Y.E.S. 5
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PSR-E413 Y.E.S. 4
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Y.E.S 4 vs. Y.E.S 5

Unread post by nada » Fri Jul 04, 2008 5:27 pm

Why is the the praised Y.E.S. so badly explained and so little details about it availabe on the net regarding comparisions against them? I have searched for comparison between Y.E.S 4 and Y.E.S 5 but, have not yet found this defined somewhere.

Also it is confusing that PSR-E313 (which is not quite new) has the newest Y.E.S 5 installed, but the brand new PSR-E413 has the older Y.E.S 4 installed. This seems rather weird. That is why a comparision between ver. 4 and 5 is needed.

Can you help?

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Re: Y.E.S 4 vs. Y.E.S 5

Unread post by 2112 » Sun Oct 28, 2018 12:07 am

This is an old thread, but it shows fairly close to the top in the search engines. I'm going to add two links to the official Yamaha's explanations:


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