How to set up E423

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How to set up E423

Unread post by Jax »

Hi All

I've played mostly pianos and organs but now have an E423 keyboard which I love.

I am fairly new to these keyboards so could someone please explain a procedure used to configure the sounds please,

(dead basic!) Plug in and turn on the keyboard. I see I have various options e.g.

Voice Music Database Style (Song - for demo purposes)

Is there a right or wrong way to select these buttons please or can they be done in any order?
I find the Music Database superb for quick selections although the right hand melody is sometimes a bit "thin" and quiet .

Thanks in advance.


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Re: How to set up E423

Unread post by parametric »

Hi Jax,

First recourse for you is the Manual.
(4.87 MiB) Downloaded 171 times
MOST basic operations are covered, but don't be afraid to experiment, you can't really "break" anything.

Print the manual out and have it to hand as you find your way around the 423 . . .

It will all become clearer as you learn to navigate around the menus . . . often, the problem is REMEMBERING where you saw a certain function.

If you get "lost", you can always power <off> then <on> again to get back to base . . . . .

The first hurdle is to understand the "Yamaha-speak", i.e. <Voices>, <Performances>, <Styles>, <Songs> etc.

Different Manufacturers call these by different names, which can confuse . . .

Once you understand "the lingo", you will understand both the board AND the Manual better ((i))

Best Regards

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Re: How to set up E423

Unread post by SeaGtGruff »

Regarding the manual-- you may already have a printed copy that came with your keyboard (unless you bought it used and the manual was missing), but it's still a good idea to download the PDF version because it's so much easier to use the PDF's Find function (CTRL-F) to search for every occurrence of a particular word or phrase.

I have a PSR-E433, PSR-E443, and YPT-400 (equivalent to the PSR-E403), so I can probably help you with most any questions you might have about the PSR-E423. I'll see if I can post a few general comments about the PSR-E423's features tomorrow evening-- I'm on Eastern USA time so that will presumably be Friday morning to you. :)
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