FG 800 String change fret buzz

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FG 800 String change fret buzz

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I am new to the forum and have been playing for only a couple of years.

I changed the strings on my FG 800 for the first time. I used Elixir phosphor/bronze nanoweb light.

Now, I notice that there is a slight fret buzz on the high E string. I tried adjusting the neck relief, but that did not help. These strings are the same size as the stock strings.

I am wondering if anyone has had this experience or what else I should try.



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Re: FG 800 String change fret buzz

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Hi Tom, welcome to the forums :)

I know you said the Elixir's are the same size as the stock strings but can you let me know exactly what they are?
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Re: FG 800 String change fret buzz

Unread post by shelly0624 »

Welcome thaynes :)

I'm wondering about the strings. If they were a higher density (not so stretchy) and a slightly thicker gauge, would there be less fret buzz and the vibration arc would be less?. Also the grooves in the guitar nut are super important. So those are the two things I wonder about (besides adjusting the truss rod, which you've already done).. if the strings (one or two of them) cause a bigger vibration arc, maybe a heavier gauge would help.. or maybe it might be a faulty nut. Sometimes the grooves in the nut can wear and become deeper and even a little wider, but it sounds like you haven't been playing that long. Was your guitar a newer model? Just a couple of ideas. I actually could get my guitar serviced for $50 at Guitar Center. They would adjust the action .. give it a new bridge.. new strings..a few things. (I hated the strings they put on mine and replaced them with my favorite brand). I don't know if all stores offer that (or if it is the same price). I set the action on my guitar really low, so it was ALMOST at the point where it could have fret buzz, but wasn't. I used Martin Marquis strings, silk and steel, light gauge. (Can't play anymore. My hands are shot).

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