A3M tuner problems

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A3M tuner problems

Unread post by gbh46 » Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:09 pm

Hello everyone. I am a fairly new Yamaha user, I bought an A3M sunburst model a few months ago and I am really happy with the sound, looks, playability etc.
The only problem I have is the built in tuner which I do not trust. I can not get it to tune properly using it, mainly the top 3 strings. I have to resort to a clip on which works perfectly and I can easily tune the guitar and be confident that it is in tune. I was wondering if it is only me with this problem or has anyone else had the same experience?. Do you think it would be wise to have it checked over, although that would be a last resort as I would not like to be without the guitar for any length of time.

As matter of interest I originally went to the shop to try the AC3M but did not get on well with it at all. The action off the peg was very high and looked like it would be a major problem to sort it and I was not really happy with the acoustic sound. I was about to leave the shop when I spotted the A3M dreadnought nearby and picked it up, as different as chalk and cheese! Perhaps I picked up a bad example of the AC3 range?
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