Help with the SY22 S/H LFO selection

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Help with the SY22 S/H LFO selection

Unread post by NoStatic » Wed Feb 15, 2012 6:21 am

I have started to explore my SY22 a bit more now and I am having some problems understanding the Sample and Hold LFO implementation.

When I select the S/H waveform for LFO pitch modulation, all I get is noise. I tried using the Mod wheel and the depth parameter to control the intensity of the modulation, but this did not help (all I get is more noise or less noise). I concluded that I needed to back off on the speed of the LFO. That's when I discovered that for some inexplicable reason Yamaha decided to make the speed parameter of the LFO nonadjustable when it is being used with the S/H waveform.

Is there anyway to get a classic Sample and Hold sound on the SY22?


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