PSR S970 no overdubbing possible

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PSR S970 no overdubbing possible

Unread post by Dencott » Sat Oct 27, 2018 11:46 am

I'm finding the S970 a crackingly good instrument and the learning curve has been not too steep with the help of the two manuals and data sheet. However there is a weakness which I was quite shocked to learn: There doesn't seem to be a way to overdub on one track/channel using the same instrument/voice. It seems you can only replace existing data, not add to it, as the recording options are either "replace" or punch in/out, overwriting existing notes. You can loop/overdub in style mode but not in multi-track song mode.

A very typical scenario where overdubbing (ie ADDING notes to an existing track) is useful is as follows:

You are recording a string section using four note chords with an added bass, but at the same time you need to adjust the expression/volume in realtime with the modulation wheel. Clearly this is not possible unless you add some notes (the bass part) later because you don't have a hand free. With many synths and certainly Cubase, Logic etc you can either replace or add notes with a second pass, and you can even record yet again in real time adding modulation effects like expression with the mod wheel. This is very useful in building a part that ideally suits being on a single track. But it seems you cannot do this on the PSR S970 or others in the series. Each new recording deletes the previous data for the section you record.


For those with a similar problem, here is how I overcame it:

1. Record right hand chords and at the same pass move the mod wheel with your left hand for realtime expression/volume and place on track 2.

2. Enable track 3 and record with the same voice/patch the bass part and leave the modulation wheel alone.

You now have two tracks of the entire desired part, together with the mod wheel data. Make sure you save the song.

3. Next go to song creator and use the "mix" function to mix down the two tracks thus: source track 2 plus source track 3 mix to destination track one

Make sure you press "Execute" and also save the song. If you do not do these two things the data will not work as intended.

You should now have the sum of tracks 2 and 3 plus the mod wheel expression and they will both be merged into track 1. The left hand bass string part will now respond to the modulation wheel volume as entered for the initial recording on track 2, which contains the modulation data. It is important NOT to touch the mod wheel on the second pass on track 3 because it will mash up the smooth controller data already there on track 2.

Disable playback on tr 2 and 3, and check playback on track 1 which should now have the merged parts and the added bass string part should respond to the mod wheel data even though it was recorded separately. If everything sounds good you can now delete the data on tracks 2 and 3 thus freeing them up.

You can check the mod wheel data in the song creator editor in the note on/off tab. If it is not there you haven't mixed the two tracks properly.

If anyone knows another way of "overdubbing" tracks then I'd be grateful to hear about it. Meantime I hope you find the above method useful.
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Re: PSR S970 no overdubbing possible

Unread post by parametric » Sat Oct 27, 2018 3:26 pm

Hi Dencott,

I have to applaud your efforts to bend the S970 to your will - and work the way YOU want to . . .

I gave up trying to do anything fiddly on my Fusions, however I do use the Sequencer to get basic tracks down,

which I transfer to my DAW (Reaper) . . .

What you are wanting to do is such a routine requirement and ought NOT to be challenging . . .

Take a look at this, and I think you'll agree it's both clear and versatile . . .

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