Blind player needs help with PSR-S950

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Blind player needs help with PSR-S950

Unread post by talofastar »

Hello all. My name is Faaolo and I am totally blind.

I recently acquired a yamaha psr s950. however i am trying to navigate it and use its functions specially for recording my own tracks and saving them: I appreciate any help from any one who can take me through navigating this instrument please.

Can anyone recommend a way to navigate the keyboard for someone who cannot see?



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Re: Blind player needs help with PSR-S950

Unread post by puremusic »

Sorry to see no replies here, maybe someone knowledgeable will see this post if I bump it. How are you getting along with it? I listened to a demo of it, it has some really nice sounds!
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Re: Blind player needs help with PSR-S950

Unread post by Saul »

Problem is there is a lot of button pushing to be done on the PSR-S950.

Finding a relatively easy way to navigate the menus is something that could probably done or at least far enough to get a lot of use from it.

But I think it needs someone who has access to the PSR-S950 and who can go through the options noting what can and cannot be easily accessed for someone who is visually impaired?
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