8 Analog output channels for your Fusion!

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8 Analog output channels for your Fusion!

Unread post by 2ManyKeys »

I recently found out that the old MOTU 2408 (all 3 versions) have a standalone mode that allows front panel selection of input/output choices. The 2408 sports 8 analog, 2 s/pdif and 3 sets of ADAT. All of those provide in and out! That means you could pick up one of these and actually add 8 analog outputs to the Fusion by splitting the Fusion ADAT output into it's eight channels. Or you could just use it to replace the outputs if your I/O board dies or if you have a really scratchy volume control.

The built in headphone amp with volume control can be used to monitor any two channels coming from the Fusion. There's a feature the Fusion didn't come with!

The mark I has 20 bit converters which is going to provide probably the same clarity as the normal outs on the Fusion. If you are convinced that 24 bit outputs make a difference (it doesn't) then you can spend more and get the mark 2 or 3 version which allow you to convert 4 extra bits of noise. :-) The mark 2 and 3 did improve on the analog connectors moving away from RCA on the mark 1 to standard 1/4 inch I/O.

The mk1 2408 can be had rather cheap on the used market these days. All these units were once quite expensive but when the industry moved away from PCI boards and FireWire the value of these things plummeted.

I did this "upgrade" for a whole $25 and yes it works just fine and adds a lot of cool flickering, and useful, monitoring LED's to your Fusion setup. :)

I started this over at the FusioZone but it's good info to mirror here as well.
http://www.promusicproducts.com/forum/p ... 789#p36789
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Re: 8 Analog output channels for your Fusion!

Unread post by 2ManyKeys »

This is awesome and it works perfectly!

The Fusion can finally have eight independent analog outputs to match the eight inputs. On top of that you get a whole panel full of LED's monitoring signals from those 8 channels. The LED's don't just light up statically either. They vary their brightness according to signal level. That's useful and it looks cool. :-)

In the included shots you can see the Fusion driving all eight channels on ADAT 1 input. Eight Amber LED's indicate active channels on the ADAT inputs. The inputs feed the 8 analog outputs shown by the green LED's and the other ADAT outputs so you can chain the outputs to something like an Alesis Quadraverb 2 bypassing it's analog front end. The metering mode shows which analog outputs are being driven. The selection mode is where you choose the input and indirectly the outputs. You also choose data clocking here. Things sounded really terrible when I accidentally ignored the Fusion data clock and used the internal clock in the 2408. :D

The built in headphone amp can be used to monitor any two channels through the current bounce settings which is rather convenient. This also means the 2408 is a cheap, external headphone amp and volume control for those who have really scratchy volume controls on their Fusion!

The two channels being monitored by the headphone are also routed to the main outs and you can even swap left and right providing a lot of flexibility for routing signals out of the 2408. So just as noted in the Fusion reference manual you have up to 8 independent outputs on the Fusion ADAT output provided you feed all 4 inserts on the left channels.

Main Out Left
Main Out Right
Aux Out Left
Aux Out Right
Insert 1 Send Left
Insert 2 Send Left
Insert 3 Send Left
Insert 4 Send Left

I think the only way to have these setup as 8 independent dry outputs is to set the Fusion bus effect returns to 0 and set the Output to NONE for the channels with the inserts. If the bus effects are left returning to the MAIN outputs, then the insert returns will go through them as well. In any case, using a 2408 provides a number of additional signal routing options that are otherwise lost in this mostly post-ADAT world.

The converters and the headphone amp sound very clean on the 2408. Again, 20 bits is more than enough. The internal design is impressive. Four 20-bit 100db SNR AKM Sigma-Delta converters and the other analog chips like opamps are all isolated on a separate analog I/O board. Nicely done.

If you do pick one up, assume the internal 2032 battery is dead. Fortunately it's a simple snap-in battery socket. So 2 screws and simply lift the top back to get to the battery. The battery stores your source, bounce and clock selections.

The 2408 Mark 1 often goes for less than $50 on eBay and the mark 2 and 3 can be had for around $100 or less. Again the advantages of those are 1/4" audio connections and 24 bit converters.

I got my 2408 in like new condition for $25 total!

This seems like a no-brainier upgrade for a Fusion owner. You get a full set of outputs and a backup analog output set, headphone amp and volume control if your I/O board ever dies.

Fusion_8ch_meters.jpg (11.22 KiB) Viewed 2289 times
Fusion_8ch_selections.jpg (10.09 KiB) Viewed 2289 times
Here's what the 2408 mk2 looks like.

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Re: 8 Analog output channels for your Fusion!

Unread post by jima »

Good piece of work there. Very creative.
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