user sf2 files for conversion by fusion convertor

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user sf2 files for conversion by fusion convertor

Unread post by jhulk » Mon Apr 15, 2013 12:07 pm

here is a bunch of sf2 files that i sampled from my kawai k5m

i started with a pad sound that sounded like a bell

i then used the same preset data but dumped sysex fft single cycle spectra to each of the 2 additive osc

so that the sound spectrum changes

the others are 5 patches from my kawai k3

just use fusion convertor to convert them

they are 76 key multisamples every third key samples in various sample lengths


i own the copywrite on these you may use them in your productions

but not to be resold or to be added to to other sample collections

for resale
apart from the keys type sounds which are just transient samples decaying over time no loops on these

as the sample ram is adequate for this
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