Alesis Fusion at Dropbox! Let's share!

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Alesis Fusion at Dropbox! Let's share!

Unread post by Drummond »

We Fusion owners have this great machine which deserves to be used to its full potential. So I have set up this dropbox account where we can share sounds and other Fusion related files!!!

The files in these folders are free for Fusion Owners to download.

They come from one of theses sources:
- original programs created by Fusion's owners;
- conversions from other formats done by Fusion's owners;
- free downloads available in forums and the web;
- official free downloads (programs, docs etc);
- software made by users to improve the Fusion experience.

If you are the original owner of any of the files/software available there and want them to be removed from this repository, please let me know and I'll do it immediately ( There shouldn't be any commercial files available there, so if some have slipped through I'll also delete them immediatly as soon as I'm aware there's some kind of infringement.

If you have files to share, send a link to and I'll download them and upload to the public folders.

If you have very nice files in other format that you think must be converted to Alesis Fusion format, send a link to and I'll download them, convert using Chicken Systems Translator, and upload to the public folders so you and everyone else can download.

Let's load our machines with the best free sounds available!!!

Special thanks for Jesse, JMD and Parametric for helping me out with files!

Daniel Drummond


Re: Alesis Fusion at Dropbox! Let's share!

Unread post by db7 »

Thanks for the post! No doubt the Fusion users amongst our members will really appreciate this.

From time to time, I think about joining that number, but I try to stop myself…which seems to have worked so far for synths by Alesis, but definitely not for Yamaha. :lol:

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