Fusion Physical modeling is awesome for digital horns!

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Fusion Physical modeling is awesome for digital horns!

Unread post by JMS » Wed Dec 04, 2013 9:49 pm

Check this out on the FusionZone

Fusion Physical modeling is awesome for digital horns!

http://www.promusicproducts.com/forum/p ... 480#p34323
Tonemaker1 wrote:So anyways. It is 2:00 am and I am still at it. First I learned to play it some though.

The jury is in. This is way too cool! Got the manual for the horn, and found the portamento on the horn to be cc#65. set the foot switch # to that, and made a mod for it to control the pitch bend of -200 instead. So I can hit it once in a while. Or push it and release as I play a new note. To climb up to the note. Plus it is also on the horn too. This gives me extra control.
Cuz this horn applies vibrato after holding any note for a couple seconds automatically, to really make it sound authentic. I am editing flute pan right now. Oh it sounds, and works, so good! And playing the key bed, even lightly is way to abrupt to sound anywhere near the horn. sounds so much like the real thing with the horn. I can approach the note so softly, and end it so gradually if I like. And it is easy to play once you learn the notes. Cuz it is just blowing in it. No special technique. No reed, or like a flute have to blow just perfectly. Nope. Just blow soft to hard. Maybe easier than playing piano. i am gonna learn how to play this thing good. Already learned 'this land is your land" for a start. Got it down real well too. And playing my own melody type runs already. Whew! Exciting!

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