.reabank file for the Alesis Fusion

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.reabank file for the Alesis Fusion

Unread post by parametric » Thu Oct 30, 2014 5:10 am

I have just made a .reabank file for the 6/8HD for use in Reaper . . . . .

(Its what Reaper calls its instrument definition file)

For now, It has the principal ROM Based Banks only . . .

Preset 1
Preset 2
Preset 3
Preset 4

totalling 963 "Programs"

It is PROBABLY possible to add the HD-based banks as well, but there are a huge number - and every Fusion will be different as regards these.

Certain things are also unclear - as the Fusion's MIDI DATA FORMAT was never published. So Bank switching details LSB and MSB have to be guessed . . . . ( and I'm no great expert anyway . . . )

I BELIEVE that it can be done by OBSERVING the order the banks are in when you view the list ON THE FUSION, i.e. hunting through the banks trying to find a program . . . . and I believe that if the .reabank file LISTS the BANKS IN THAT ORDER - it may work.

This ORDER is also NOT CONSTANT between Fusions - as it is determined by what order you loaded new Banks.

There are also Groove-layer and Split-layer Banks, in ROM, but due to the lack of information, I can't get my head around how these may be called up.

PRESET 5 is a HD-Based Bank that would be nice to add - but it depends WHERE IT IS in the list on YOUR Fusion.

I initially added the first FOUR Banks (Presets 1,2,3 and 4) - and tried it in Reaper and it seemed to work.

I've now added the others - but have yet to actually try them in Reaper . . . .

My best advice is to take my file and open it (Notepad or Notepad++ is good), and add HD banks ACCORDING TO THE ORDER THEY APPEAR ON YOUR FUSION . . . . Just look at how I have done it and follow on.

If you notice, the LSB and MSB I've used are the SAME NUMBER . . . .

This is done because Alesis stated they had altered the Fusion such that EITHER would do a bank change.

I tried it with BOTH numbers the same - and it seemed to work . . . .

I guess it should not be difficult to translate the .reabank file to produce something useable in OTHER DAWS if required . . . .

Hope it proves useful, anyhow
Fusion ROM Banks.rar
The .rar file contains the .reabank file
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