Just acquired a Fusion 6HD . . . .

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Just acquired a Fusion 6HD . . . .

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To go with my 8HD. It's in good shape, the previous owner gigged it once only - preferring to gig the 8HD instead - so it was studio-bound in recent times. At 300 smackeroonies it was less than half what I paid for my 8HD . . .

Fired up and worked first time ok. All the free HS content is there + some banks of SFX, and a Bank called Casio CZ1.

I've already copied it's <Volume> folder to my laptop - so I'll investigate later. It has the 80Gb Drive, so is a "later" model, though still at OS 1.23 - so that will go to 1.24 almost immediately :)

One problem is the B3 key didn't work, but that is now sorted out . . . .

My mission is to mimic my 8HD as regards spec and content, so 2 x E3 modules have been purchased from Brian and I already bought a second 128Gb SSD when I upgraded the 8HD.

That done, the <Volume> folder from the 8HD will be copied to 6HD.

As the architecture of the two boards is identical except the number of keys and the keybed TYPE, I will then have access to ALL my compositional efforts and Banks, on BOTH boards.

Should I want to go visiting, the 6HD is MUCH easier to move around.

I find it's "Synth" keybed to be the best I've played (Sorry MOXF6 and Akai ADVANCE61)

All in all, I'm very happy.

DETAILS of how I fixed the non-working B3 key, the E3 RAM addition and the SSD upgrade are described here: http://promusicproducts.com/forum/phpBB ... 017#p36017

Sorry, but I don't have the stamina to redo it all in here . . . .

If I can ever get them near each other, I'll post a pic of the pair together. . .

Meantime - the Stock pics look like this . . . .
fusion6hd_top_med (1).jpg
fusion6hd_top_med (1).jpg (38.53 KiB) Viewed 1608 times
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Sector101 2x SYEMB06 / 4 x EXM-E3 128MB DRAM Module

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