PSR S500 for beginner?

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PSR S500 for beginner?

Unread post by snowjim » Thu Dec 25, 2008 8:12 pm


I am about to buy a keyaborad to learn to play piano.

I have the possibility to buy a Yamaha PSR S500 1 year old for about 225 euro, but I do not know if this is a good beginner keyboard.

I can also get a PSR 413 new for about 185 euro.

The big difference simes to be that PSR 413 can show what note your are playing witch should be grate for beginner, the S500 do not simes to have this possibility?

The PSR S500 have alot better sound, is this correct?

Beside learning to play the piano, I will also connect the keyboard to the computer to make music in FL Studio.

What do you think of this? Witch should I choose?[/b]
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Unread post by Clyde » Sat Dec 27, 2008 12:48 am

Hi snowjim,
Welcome to the Forums! I think that for many people the usefulness and functionality of notes lighting up is quickly outgrown and then becomes annoying, never used anything like that myself, so this if just supposition on my part. Which synth to purchase really boils down to which one has the features you need/desire and will not be outgrown in a few months and which one sounds best to you. I would suggest going to a retailer where you can try them out side by side to find out what works for you. I always try to buy something whose features and sound quality are going to work for me for at least a couple of years, even if it costs a little more to begin with, it saves me from having to upgrade every few months and spending far more money.
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Unread post by Saul » Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:40 am

I think personally the extra 45 Euro you would spend on the S500 is more than worth it. Although the 413 is a great keyboard the S500 is much better in terms of features and sound quality. It will give you room to grow and this is important because you might be surprised how fast your playing develops!

If you can afford it, always go for as many features as you can. You may never use them...but better to have them than find you want to use a feature you do not have.
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