performing live with an S550

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performing live with an S550

Unread post by ajay67 » Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:45 am

i have managed to perform live with the S550 in a wedding event, playing a 2 piece with a guitarist friend of mind. it was a success but there was an issue. i realised that the keyboard didn't go to the right style eventhough i have saved it as registration memory. the issue came when switching from song mode to accompaniment mode. from the song mode, when i select a certain reg memory, the style didn't change to the one i saved. then, i had to turn off the song mode & re-select the reg memory. this way, i got everything in the right setting. i donno whether this is an S550 issue or it's the same for other PSRs. during performance, i have to carefully ensure that the right style/tempo/transpose is in use before start to play. this caused delays between songs. otherwise it'd be an embarrassment..

just to share my experience. all in all, i am still really satisfied with the keyboard
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