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Unread post by Jonathang »

Hi everyone, mi name is Jonathan. I’m a Venezuelan living in Madrid. Due pandemic reasons last year i have to sell my Modx7 but recently i just finally could effort a new one and upgrade to Modx8. Can’t get enough of these keyboards!

My best wishes to all this year.

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Re: Regards

Unread post by Saul »

Hi Jonathan, welcome to the forums :)

Great to hear that you now have a MODX again. They are such good keyboards, definitely the best mid-range keyboard Yamaha has ever produced...well, that is my opinion anyway.

I hope things are not too bad for you there in Madrid?

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Re: Regards

Unread post by shelly0624 »

Hello Jonathan :)

I'm glad the pandemic ended up being a cloud with a silver lining for you! It has been a bittersweet thing, to be sure. Lock-down has been a creative time for many artists and has birthed a lot of new songs and other projects that people never had time for. But many people have suffered a lot too (and it seems to be dragging on). People have literally lost their shirt due to this virus---or loved ones. I know of a few. I have a good friend who had to sell a lot of his gear because business was so impacted.

But it is AWESOME news that, in your case, it turned out to be a better opportunity! Have fun with your keyboard and welcome to the forum. :D

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