old guy, new to guitar.

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old guy, new to guitar.

Unread post by MotoMike »

Hello All
Old guy who has been learning guitar for the last 6 months. got my first electro acoustic, a Yamaha APX600. As I do in all my nerdy pursuits, I like to learn all the details. I got the APX because after playing an EPi LP and Mitchel LP clone, and deciding to try acoustic, I found the full boat dreadnaught and jumbo too huge to play comfortably. Tried many guitrars at various guitar shops and liked the APX finding it's unplugged sound good. the thinline and scale close to my other guitars. Here to learn. thanks for the add.

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Re: old guy, new to guitar.

Unread post by Saul »

Hi Mike

Welcome to the forums and the String Section...I'm sure we should actually name the guitar category that at some point ;)

Good choice on the APX. Very versatile guitar. It has the sound of an acoustic with "almost" the playability of an electric. Also less prone to feedback when plugged in.

Any questions at all please ask. Always happy to help (Y)
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Re: old guy, new to guitar.

Unread post by Buzzard »

Hi Mike, welcome to the forum and the string section. :D

The APX series are comfortable slim body guitars with a decent acoustic tone too.

I used to have a Yamaha APX-500 II , but it got left behind by my AEX-500 , AEX-500N and SLG-100.
I loved the tone, but felt more comfortable with the SLG and AEX guitars since they feel closer to electric guitars.

Glad to have you aboard, see you in the string section. ;)

Best Regards
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