How do I export SY.Factory library multis to SY99?

Yamaha SY77 is a 16 voice multitimbral music workstation first produced by Yamaha Corporation in 1989. The SY77 is a synthesizer whose architecture combines AFM (Advanced Frequency Modulation) synthesis, AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) for ROM-borne sample-based synthesis, and the combination of these two methods christened Realtime Convolution and Modulation Synthesis (RCM).

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How do I export SY.Factory library multis to SY99?

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Bought the SY.Factory the other day for my High Sierra. So far so good, only a few error messages here and there, the dependency management is cool.

But even though exporting patches from the sy.factory library to the synth is straightforward enough, how on earth am I supposed do it with the multis?

I have loads of old songs created on SY77 and SY99 sequencers, but unfortunately I've stored many of the quick sketches as sequencer only k-files without multis or sounds, and I'm now trying to find the right multis for them. So I first saved all the files from the old SY floppies to the mac and then extracted all the multis from them to the sy.factory library. My idea was to first export the songs one by one from the original K-files to my SY99 and then export multis one by one from the sy.factory library to the synth in order to find the multis that sound right with each song. But no export to find!

I could of course send the multis just like the songs, straight from the floppy saves, but the multis are scattered all over the floppies and it would take ages to leach them all out for each song separately. It would be a lot easier from one single library list. Am I missing something here?

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Re: How do I export SY.Factory library multis to SY99?

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Thank you for the feedback on sy.factory.

I guess you are referring to the fact that there is no export over MIDI of multis from the library. That is correct. It is something that would be easy to do, so why have I not done it?

Currently the only thing you can export over MIDI from the library are voices, because they are mostly self contained and go to the voice edit buffer. The only thing you lose if they are not already in the synth is panning and microtuning.

If I allowed the export of Multis in the same way to the edit buffer, you instantly hit a problem in that unless the referenced voices are in the Voice memory at the right locations then the multi will not sound as intended. So that is why I do not allow that. If it is something you want to do (assuming you have the right voices in SY memory as needed, then I could easily add that.

So, how would I do what you wish to? If I understand you correctly, it is to recombine multis with sequences in KNN files? I'll start first with an example of how the library works to get an added file back.

If when in the sy.factory library view, you right click and select the files view, you can extract a file to the appropriate file type, by right clicking over a file and selecting the extract option. This creates a new file.

In the screen shot below, I have extracted the "famous" Yes 90125 demo to a new SY99 TNN file, and you can see the sequencer, multi and voices have all been extracted. (click on the image to see it full screen).

sy.factory 1.png
This is then a unit of data that you can export to the SY (save the existing contents first!) that will play the sequencer/multi combination exactly as intended.

Of course, you may not want to extract an entire file, and in your case you want to pair mutils/voices with a sequencer file?

So, to do this, let's keep with this SY99 Yes Demo and just extract what we want.
  • First create a new SY99 TNN file
  • Expand the tree in the new file so you can see the Multis
  • In the library, right click and select the Multis view
  • Select the Multi you wish to copy
  • Drag the multi to the new file (don't forget to hold down the Option key to drag copy)
And you should get something like this

sy.factory 2.png
Note how only the required voice data has been copied. So you could repeat this several times to build up a multi/voice/sequencer combination of up to ten sequences/multis/voices in an SY99 TNN file.

Now, in this case the Sequence has not been copied from the library, because there is nothing tying a sequence to a multi or vice versa. So you will need to go to the sequences and copy the required sequence, but if I understand you correctly then this is what you are doing anyway, so you can copy a sequence from a KNN file as well when you find the sequence you want.

sy.factory 3.png
And you can then save this file as a unit that you want to export to the SY99 that contains everything you want on the synth to correctly play back your sequencer/multi combinations. You can also add this file to the library once you are happy with it. It will store all the references to existing data, adding any new data such as your new sequences if you did not have them in the library, and you can then recreate this file when needed.

Hope that helps.
Derek Cook

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