Yamaha SY99 Specifications

The Yamaha SY99 is a synthesiser combining frequency modulation synthesis (branded as Advanced FM) and sample-based synthesis (branded as Advanced Wave Memory 2) and the direct successor to Yamaha's SY77/TG77

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Yamaha SY99 Specifications

Unread post by Saul » Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:53 pm

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Yamaha SY99
Release Date : 1991

AWM2 (second generation 16-bit Advanced Wave Memory)
Its equipped with an expanded ROM, offering 267 waveform presets for unmatched sample playback quality.

Expandable sample RAM
It allows samples to be received via MIDI Sample Dump transfer, loaded from disk, or loaded from wave cards.

AFM (Advanced Frequency Modulation)
It provides a dramatic boost in FM sound quality and programming versatility.

RCM (Realtime Convolution and Modulation)
It achieves a new fusion of sample realism and the expressive power of FM.

Versatile 1,2,3, or 4-element voice architecture
In addition it is equipped with complex envelope generators for extensive sample layering capability.

Advanced digital filters
The filters are for dynamic timbre control.

Multiple complex programmable envelope generators.

Dynamic panning
This is for enhanced sonic animation.

Programmable aftertouch
Plus assignable controllers.

Two internal digital signal processors
They provide 63 top-quality effects.

Sophisticated master MIDI controller capabilities.

Zoned aftertouch
It enhances expressive control.

Comprehensive display and data entry controls
The controls are for intuitive programming.

A multi-timbre mode
10-song 16 track sequencer with 27,000-note capacity, and built-in drums provide powerful production capabilities.

Dual assignable stereo outputs

External storage
Using 3.5" floppy drive and data cards.

Complete MIDI implementation

Tone Generator/ Realtime Convolution and Modulation (RCM)
Tone Generator/ AWM2 16 bit linear waveform data maximum 48 kHz sampling frequency
Tone Generator/ AFM 6 operators, 45 algorithms, 3 feedback loops, 16 waveforms, modulation from AWM output
Tone Generator/ Filter Time variant IIR (infinite impulse response) digital filters, 2 filters for each element (maximum of 8 filters per voice)
Tone Generator/ Maximum simultaneous notes 16 (Voice mode), 32 (Multi mode)
Maximum simultaneous timbres 1 (Voice mode), 16 (Multi-mode)
Note Assignment Last note priority, DVA (dynamic voice allocation)
Keyboard 76 notes, key velocity sensitivity, channel aftertouch (with zoned aftertouch)
DSP effects 2 units, 63 effect types
Sequencer/ Tracks 16 (15 tracks + 1 pattern track)
Sequencer/ Songs 10
Sequencer/ Resolution 1/96 of a quarter note (for internal clock), 1/24 of a quarter note (for MIDI sync)
Sequencer/ Maximum simultaneous notes 32
Sequencer/ Capacity Approximately 27,000 notes
Sequencer/ Patterns 99
Sequencer/ Recording Realtime/ step/ punch in
Preset memory 128 voices, 16 multis
Internal memory 64 voices, 16 multis
Waveform memory 4 Mwords (8 Mbytes), 267 sounds
MDR/ sample memory 512 kbytes (expandable to 3 Mbytes)
Card Slots synthesizer data x 1, waveform data x 1
Disk 3.5" floppy disk drive (720 kbyte formatted)
Wheels Pitch, Modulation 1, Modulation 2
Slider Output 1, Output 2, Data Entry
Knobs LCD contrast, Click volume
Dial data entry dial
Panel Switches Mode X 5, Edit/ Compare, Copy/Save, EF.Bypass, Sequencer X 7, Shift, function x 8, Exit, Page (Left/Right Arrow), Jump/Mark, cursor (Up/Down Arrow) (Left/Right Arrow), -1/No, +1/ Yes, numeric keypad 0-9, Enter, -, Memory X 4, Bank X 4, voice select x 16
Display/LCD 240 x 64 pixels (with backlight)
LED red x 11, red/green x 21
Terminals/ Audio output Output 1 (L/1 + 2/ Mono, R/1+2), Output 2 (L,R), Phones
Terminals/ Controller Breath, Foot Volume, Foot Controller, Sustain, Foot Switch
Terminals/ MIDI In, Out, Thru
Power Requirements US and Canadian models: 120 V General model: 220-240 V
Power Consumption US and Canadian model: 35W General model: 35 W
Dimensions 1254 (W) x 407 (D) x 120 (H) mm (4'1-3/8" x 1'4" x 4-3/8")
Weight 19.6 kg (43 lbs 3 oz)
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