Downloading TX16W DX7 patches from Bjoern Soundware Archive.

The Yamaha SY99 is a synthesiser combining frequency modulation synthesis (branded as Advanced FM) and sample-based synthesis (branded as Advanced Wave Memory 2) and the direct successor to Yamaha's SY77/TG77

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Re: Downloading TX16W DX7 patches from Bjoern Soundware Arch

Unread post by Sglov25 » Mon May 05, 2014 5:29 am

Thanks guys. I will defintely look into the SYMBO5 boards from Sector 1 Derek. I think I'll leave the TX16W patches go. Here's a link to a Youtube SY99 demo that I'd like to find these specific Dx7 patches.

Love these electric piano sounds. I know a few are the pre-sets...but the others...I haven't been able to locate.

Thanks again Sonus, Derek, and Clyde....
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Re: Downloading TX16W DX7 patches from Bjoern Soundware Arch

Unread post by JK1974 » Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:16 am

I got it working on Windows 10 64-bit (it should work also work on Windows 7, MacOSX)!

Even though those disks only might have a "historical" value (especially if you have an FM synthesizer), I did not want to believe that there is no other way of getting these compressed images extracted than getting a real ancient machine with a real floppy disk drive (connected to a floppy connector on the mainboard, a USB floppy drive was said not to work).

So, first, I gave DOSBox a try. With "mount c c:\tx16w_dx" and "mount a a:" (with a: using a connected and working USB floppy drive) the Yamaha Diskette Manager started, but gave an error when accessing the floppy drive. It also did not work using an empty floppy image file with the DOSBox "imgmount" command. Checking the compatibility of the floppy emulation with the tool "TESTBIOS" from the YDM manufacturer´s page at, it showed that it won´t work that way - a web search also gave me the answer that DOSBox does not emulate direct floppy access from BIOS with interrupts etc. and that you should better stick with a virtual machine for those purposes.
Then, I tried formatting an USB stick with the "HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool" (e.g. from ... 74082.html), because you can add DOS system files to make the stick bootable. I found a package with "msdos.sys", "io.sys" and "", apparently from Windows ME, and copied the tool and the compressed TX16W disk images also to the stick. Booting up and starting the "YDE.EXE", I got an error right before seeing the first screen of the tool. Maybe, something like himem.sys was missing in the DOS environment, but on the other side, I still only had this USB floppy drive - and a multicore CPU, 8 GByte RAM etc., that by far did not exist in the early 90ies. I decided not to spend more time in adding himem.sys, autoexec.bat, config.sys etc. and see if it works that way.

Instead, I gave VirtualBox 5.0 a try ( . Starting up a Windows XP VM and launching the Yamaha Diskette Manager, I got the same error like when starting from DOS USB stick. But why not using plain DOS in VirtualBox instead (because WinXP was not based on DOS anymore)? So I set up a virtual machine as type "Other/DOS" with a virtual hard disk of 20 MByte ( 8) ). Further detailed information on how to set up DOS 6.22 can be found e.g. at ... irtualBox/.
Now, how to use this "new" virtual DOS with our data? With the tool "Disk-Manager" from I created an empty 1,44 MByte floppy image file for the YDE tool and the YDW files and several 720 KByte images where the Yamaha Disk Manager should extract the data. Maybe any other floppy image editor will work too (even 7-Zip is able to open regular floppy images), but the missing second FAT12 on original TX16W files might make trouble - "Disk-Manager" also shows a warning message.
Then, using the "Disk-Manager", I copied the "YDE.EXE" and the files into the 1,44 MByte image file, inserted it as virtual floppy drive into VirtualBox and then copied the files within the virtual DOS from this disk to the DOS HDD ("copy a:*.* c:"). Because not all the YDW files fit onto one disk, I had to play virtual disk jockey, deleting copied files from the image with the "Disk-Manager", coping new files onto it and then inserting it again, copying the new files (maybe, you would also have been able to add the files to the DOS virtual image file directly, but I did not get it to work).
Having all files transferred to DOS-"c:", I inserted one of the empty 720KByte into the VirtualBox virtual floppy drive, started "yde.exe", selected the YDW file I wanted to extract - and then, it was magically written to the virtual disk without any erros. The files in the image could then be extracted again with the "Disk-Manager".

Why all this text? For your information, for me to remember, and for Google. ;)

Because attached, here are the extracted files.
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