Yamaha SY85 usb floppy emulator issues

The Yamaha SY85 is a digital music workstation introduced in 1992. Unlike other Yamaha synthesizers of the time (SY77 and the SY99) the SY85 does not use FM synthesis. Instead, its sounds are based on samples, which can be layered and modified to create new sounds.

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Yamaha SY85 usb floppy emulator issues

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Hello everyone...
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I would appreciate some informed opinions on my current situation... i currently possess an SY85 and a gotek SFR1M44-U100K 1.44mb floppy emulator, after reading some threads on this forum, it's looking like the 1.44mb is going to pose a problem so i want to know if i should get the 26 to 34 pin interface and try this emulator or get this SFRM72-TU100K 3.5" USB 720KB Floppy Drive Emulator or maybe this SFRM72-DU26 720KB USB Floppy Drive Emulator... I'm still open to other suggestions outside my considerations...

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