SY85 Softwave and Popular Collection Sound Sets

The Yamaha SY85 is a digital music workstation introduced in 1992. Unlike other Yamaha synthesizers of the time (SY77 and the SY99) the SY85 does not use FM synthesis. Instead, its sounds are based on samples, which can be layered and modified to create new sounds.

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SY85 Softwave and Popular Collection Sound Sets

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Hi all,

despite all the negative impacts that the corona virus has on all of us, it at least helped me find the time to go back to some old synths after kind of 20 years and breathe new live into them ;-)

I already had a SY99 which I upgraded with some SYEMB05 modules, a DataBlade16 and and a WaveBlade from Brian at sector101 and a disk emulator. Some weeks ago I bought a TG77 which I successfully upgraded with a new display and battery thanks to the guide of Derek. And just recently I bought a SY85 also loaded now with SYEMB06 modules and a disk emulator.

I was quite busy with all of this during the last weeks and already have most of the sound sets now for these 3 synths, but I'm still looking for 2 sound sets that were distributed by Easy Sounds before the owner change: the Softwave and Popular Collection sets.

Would be great if someone here on the forum would be able to provide one or both of them - preferably in disk file format as my SY85 has the ROM version 1.10 with the SysEx issue.

Finally a big thank you to all contributors to this and other forums. It already helped me a lot!


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