W5 and Gotek Success

W7 and W5 Workstations

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W5 and Gotek Success

Unread post by d97 »

I'm not sure if this has been solved before but I figure it couldn't hurt to post the way that I was able to make my w5 talk to a Gotek drive.

To make it happen I bought this:

(Hmm ... I can't post external links ... do an ebay search for: Floppy-Belt-Matsushita-EME-213YV-Yamaha-W5-W7-Emulator-SFRM72TU100K/303147560827)

to convert the ribbon cable into a standard floppy conection.

I then bought the Gotek the seller recommended:

SFRM72TU100K (I got mine from Amazon, but they are available on ebay as well).

After opening the machine and swapping the drive, I had to switch some jumpers around. These are the final positions.

Without the jumpers in these positions only some things were possible (i.e reading an image but not writing to it / writing to it but not being able to load it, etc.)

After putting a 2gb flash drive into the Gotek, I held down both buttons and powered up the w5. The Gotek formatted the usb stick. (You know it's working because it will flash a firmware number and then start counting up until it's filled the drive space).

That's it. I can read and write files. It does seem to take a little longer transitioning from disk activity to "creation" mode but I'm happy.

I haven't tested it extensively but loading, saving, etc. works. Formatting does not - I needed to use the self format.
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Re: W5 and Gotek Success

Unread post by parametric »

That's good to know d97, and thanks for posting . . . .

The usb drive thing with these older boards is a minefield, so you have made a serious short-cut

for the W5(Y)

You WILL be able to post links eventually - there's a number of posts required before you can do that . . . .


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