How to reset the W5

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How to reset the W5

Unread post by jvcastel »

I found a W5 on a pawn store and decided to get it. After reading the manual, I noticed that my W5 is not working right. After turning it on, it takes about 1 minute to be ready and an animation is displayed which I consider it normal. After that, I get to the mixer screen and the keyboard is on Song mode with the Song light up in red. This is also as described on the manual. You can hear sounds from the keyboard at this point.
The problem I have is that all other modes are not available, I press Disk, Utility, Edit, etc. but the keyboard remains in Song mode. I press and hold the buttons but it makes no difference. Any suggestions about why this is happening will be greatly appreciated.
The F-buttons below the LCD appears to work, same with the 16 voice keys, cursor keys and jog dial. The numeric keypad doesn´t appear to work and the enter key is missing. To me this is the primary suspect as maybe the enter key is short circuited producing this behaviour.
The keybed and the MIDI ports works well. I connected to my laptop and Synthesia recognizes the keyboard without problems.
Thanks for your comments or ideas about how to reset it.


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Re: How to reset the W5

Unread post by Saul »

Hi jvcastel, welcome to the forums :)

From what you have described it seems to me that the 'enter' button is probably the source of the problem. It is likely that the contact is stuck and hence why nothing else is working as it should be. I would definitely sort that issue out first. If it is not the cause then at least you have eliminated it as a possibility.

Factory Reset Procedure for a W5/W7
Power ON the W5/W7.
Press and hold the [SONG], [CANCEL], and [DATA/CURSOR] buttons in succession.
Release the buttons.
Press the [ENTER] button for 'FACTORY SET'.
Press the [INC] button to execute the reset procedure.

The problem there, of course, is your 'enter' button is not functioning so fix that first and if it doesn't help then at least you can do a factory reset (Y)

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