PSR F-51 - Any good?

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PSR F-51 - Any good?

Unread post by FailedMuso » Mon Oct 29, 2018 7:04 pm

I'm looking to buy a starter keyboard for my soon-to-be 13 year old son. For now, he's using my Alesis Fusion which is WAY more than he actually needs as he is only just starting to learn how to play. Plus, I'm not terribly keen on having that beast in his room, especially when he has friends over and they're getting all rowdy over Fortnite or Nerf battles! :lol:

So, I want to start him off slowly and thought the F-51 struck the right balance of simplicity and good sounds and not too expensive in case he decides not to pursue it.

Anyone tried one or have any thoughts on it? It's a shame it doesn't have MIDI. That would've future-proofed it a bit.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: PSR F-51 - Any good?

Unread post by 2112 » Tue Oct 30, 2018 1:11 am

Don't buy F51 or E263, basically don't buy anything without MIDI over USB. You really want to be able to update/upload the built-in lesson songs. Or you may also be looking for time/money trade-off by buying computer-monitored/online lessons. Also F51 has fixed touch/velocity response, whereas E263 at least has variable velocities, with an option to disable. Edit: Sorry, I was wrong, they both have fixed velocity keys. End edit.

In the current Yamaha's lineup lowest end sensible models are EZ-220 and PSR-E363. EZ-220 has lighted keys and fingering guide on the LCD display. With PSR-E363 you would have to print the songbook to get fingering guides for the lessons. But the first 8 songs in that model are arranged in two levels of difficulty each (for the total of 16 introductory songs). This is a great tool for maintaining interest and motivation in the study.

As far as tone goes, everything digital and reasonably modern is more than adequate for a student. They days of weird, grating, unstable sounds from the educational toys are gone.

Edit: Also, all current entry-level keyboards can work on batteries (6*AA or similar). So if you had to learn your piano by getting chained in your room during the sunny days, you don't have to impose that on your progeny. Just buy the sunscreen and re-charger.
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