Need advice on arranger keyboard to complement EDM production in Logic Pro X

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Need advice on arranger keyboard to complement EDM production in Logic Pro X

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I am electronic musician using Logic Pro X. I also use garageband on iPad and other iPad apps like Chordbot to sketch music ideas. I am debating if I should get arranger keyboard. I think arranger keyboard can be useful to sketch music ideas or make a draft of the song and then import it in Logic for finish. Could somebody advice me in this regard? Is it a good idea? And if it is what type of keyboard will work the best for this purpose? While I write EDM and instrumental music, I am embarrassed to admit that I don’t play keyboard. So, it is important for me be able to play chords in single finger mode. The other question is what can be imported as Midi into logic, is it just the melody or backing instruments too? It is also important for me to have access to many piano phrases and chord progressions.

Thank you in advance for your help,

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Re: Need advice on arranger keyboard to complement EDM production in Logic Pro X

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Yes, it might be useful to get an arranger keyboard for developing musical ideas to import into Logic Pro. If the intention is to be able to compose without having to be on your computer, then you might want to choose an arranger that is lightweight and has its own builtin speakers, so it will be easier to carry around and play when musical inspiration strikes.

When you say "backing instruments," I take it you mean the auto-accompaniment. If so, then yes, with an arranger you should be able to export the MIDI for both the melody part that you're playing and the auto accompaniment part.
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Re: Need advice on arranger keyboard to complement EDM production in Logic Pro X

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Hi Almur, welcome to the forums :)

Have you considered going down the controller route?

Arranger keyboards are great but in my opinion not ideal for what you want to do, namely EDM, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd.

If it were me? I would be looking at the Native Instruments A or S series controllers. They both come with an amazing amount of software and samples and they are very easy to use, even for someone who doesn't actually play keyboards.

This video introduces the A Series.

This one is for the original S Series which you can buy used for very little money now :)

This is the new S88 MKII

Here's another controller worth a look from Akai. The Advance series.

You will get more power and versatility with a controller plus software than you will from a hardware arranger keyboard. Something to consider anyway?
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