Full Reset Procedure (Clear User Song Memory) for Clavinova xx5 Series

This is the current reset list. It's not comprehensive and as such will be updated as new info becomes available.
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Devan Wolf
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Full Reset Procedure (Clear User Song Memory) for Clavinova xx5 Series

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The Clavinova xx5 series (CLP-535/545/565GP/575/585/635/645/665GP/675/685/695GP/735/745/765GP/775/785/795GP) has a backup reset by holding down the highest key while turning the power on, but that doesn't clear all the user song memory, and there is no flash clear for holding down one of the highest white and the 3 black keys (which did have in some other keyboards like YPG-635). If you ever wanted to clear every user song from the memory even when you messed up but it takes a long time to delete all of them file by file.

Luckily, I found a way which can be done from a Test Mode option. To access Test Mode, power on while holding down C#4+F4+G#4, and while you're there press < two times until you see 044:Factory Set (if you went back too far press >) then press ▷/⏸ (CLP-5x5)/PLAY/PAUSE (CLP-6x5/7x5) to execute it.

The piano will say OK, then press > to go to 045:Test Exit then press ▷/⏸ (CLP-5x5)/PLAY/PAUSE (CLP-6x5/7x5) to execute it. The piano turns off and back on itself then it should say "Backup Clear initiated, User Song remain", then when you check the Song list you see that the User folder is gone meaning that EVERYTHING should be cleared!

Let me know if that helped.

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Re: Full Reset Procedure (Clear User Song Memory) for Clavinova xx5 Series

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Thanks, Devan (Y)

I am not a Clavinova user myself but I am sure that info will help many who are.

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