Saving Layered voices

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Saving Layered voices

Unread post by HDFLHRC08 » Mon Aug 05, 2019 3:22 pm

Currently I am attempting to program some layered voices on an MOX6 and am not sure how to save a created grouping while insuring I am not overwriting an already existing entry. I am pretty sure it can be done but as this keyboard is used by multiple musicians, I don't want to overwrite anything. It is most likely a simple procedure, but only if you know the specifics.

Thanks in advance for any guidance provided.

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Re: Saving Layered voices

Unread post by YamahaUser » Mon Aug 05, 2019 11:24 pm

Layered Voices can be STORED in the MOX as Parts of a either a Performance or a Song/Pattern Mixing. There are two banks of Performances, each having 128 locations. There are 64 Song and 64 Pattern locations. Unfortunately, unless you know which Performances are important to others, STORING a Performance might overwrite something critical. With Song or Pattern locations, if one isn't named, and the Parts are all the default piano, and there's no note data, that location is obviously not being used.

One thing you could do is SAVE an "All" file to a USB flash drive before you edit and STORE anything. After you STORE your own work, you should SAVE an "All" file again. That way, if something important (belonging to others or yourself) accidentally gets overwritten, it can be reloaded.
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