AN200 new user questions - How to send transpose/key change midi signal from keyboard

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AN200 new user questions - How to send transpose/key change midi signal from keyboard

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I just hooked up an AN200 I am borrowing to my Roland FA-08 via midi, and the pitch bend works for controlling pitch but what I really want to do, set keyfollow on so when I press a key on the keyboard it sets the key on the AN200. A less awesome alternative would be to set an assignable knob/button on the FA-08 to send a midi message to transpose up or down. Anyone have any resources or ideas where I can find what midi signal I should send or the how to go about this??? Thanks so much!

Also if you haven't done this setup ( AN-200 into stereo line in input on keyboard) , it's pretty cool because I have a 4 band EQ I can apply to the FA-08 sound to control the hi-hats and bring up/down the bass. Then I have the FA-08 and AN-200 audio running through an Alesis Quadraverb and it sounds AMAZING, The AN200 sounds is SO CLEAN and CLEAR!!! I found the an200 it in a musician buddy's garage a month ago and still learning it. I've read the manual but if there is a link to any guides to help me learn it more I'd really appreciate.

One second question, does anyone have a cheat sheet of the voices assigned to each pattern? Like a short description of each?

Third question, is there a midi signal I can send the AN200 to change the pattern?

Sorry if theses are noob questions, kinda new to midi, thanks guys!

-John Hafner
-Los Angeles

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