Rattling sound speaker with Yamaha motif es 8

Yamaha Motif Classic/ES/XS Series

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Rattling sound speaker with Yamaha motif es 8

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Hello everyone,

When I use the keyboard with headphones it sounds great, I usually use the full grand sounds. When I connect it to an external speaker the bass notes rattle, I have the volume low on the keyboard and controlling the volume through the speaker but not sure if there's some setting I should be aware of. So many knobs and don't know what they do. Have played around with them and still does it.

I've tried changing the cable as well. Any advice I can upload pictures or sound too.

Thank you!

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Re: Rattling sound speaker with Yamaha motif es 8

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I have an ES Rack (amongst other things) and never had a problem like that. You first step is to try and isolate the problem, but sadly you have not given us much information to go on.

How are you connecting to your speaker(s)? Is it a single speaker or a pair? Are they powered speakers? Are you going through an amplifier?

What are the make/models of the sound chain you are feeding into?

The outputs of the Motif are "line level", so it's important to know what you are feeding into. Does the amp or speaker have attenuation for input level (either a potentiometer or a switch)

Does playing other piano sounds (e.g. a recording) through the same speakers cause the same problem? If it is a pair of speakers, does it happen on one and not the other? If the resonance /rattle is on one speaker, and f you coming out of the motif in stereo, what happens if you swap left and right outputs?

How are the speakers situated. Where are they located in the room? Are they right against the wall? Try moving them about to see if it changes. What are they sitting on? Is it something that can vibrate or resonate? If it is sitting on a surface, what happens if you just lift it temporarily (get somebody to do that whilst playing some notes)?

What is your room like? Is it a small box room, where you might be getting resonances and nulls at different frequencies? This varies from room to room and can very noticeable on the bass end. Try moving the speakers about.

Also check the speaker to ensure the speaker itself is tightly clamped and that there are no tears in the cone.
Derek Cook


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