Special Edition MKS-20 Library Released for XF featuring ES Sounds, EX5 Sounds and More

Yamaha Motif Classic/ES/XS Series

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Special Edition MKS-20 Library Released for XF featuring ES Sounds, EX5 Sounds and More

Unread post by DarylWise » Wed Nov 01, 2017 12:48 am

VGSG's iKS20 MOTIF Special Edition is now available!

For those who saw my post before, I released a while back a library featuring MKS-20 Module sounds and more for the MOTIF XF. That library was so popular, now I've gone even further and I've added select MOTIF ES Factory Presets, 2 Yamaha EX5 sounds (Strings & Supersynth) from my EX5 Kontakt library I made, custom made Hammond Organ sounds for Gospel music, and Performance layers with some featuring Gospel style Click Tracks/Drum Loop Arpeggios! All of this, in one MOTIF ALL file!

The MKS-20 Sounds in the ALL file are Piano 1 & 2, EP 1 Chorus and EP 2 Chorus and the DX7 FullTines.
Performances include Gospel Shout/Praise Break layers featuring shout click tracks, Gospel Worship layers with Worship clicks, Church Offering Time grooves and more!

Included extra sounds in the ALL file are select MOTIF ES Factory Sounds* (Forest, Paradies, Analog, Hybrid, Full Grand and more), Strings and SUPERSYNTH (custom sounds I made) from the Yamaha EX5 and fully customized Hammond Organ sounds using the built in MOTIF waveforms!
*Note: I did not sample the ES, those voices are simply patch data since the XF has all built in ES waveforms. I was able to convert the ES patch data to the XF.

**The Yamaha 512MB Flash Expansion Board is required to load the individual sounds, but the Yamaha 1GB Flash Expansion Board is REQUIRED to load in the ALL File!**

Price: $35

Overview Video (28 Mins Long):

Product Page:
https://www.vgsgmusic.com/vgsgs-iks20-m ... l-edition/
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