Swapping between oscillators without using vector envelope.

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Swapping between oscillators without using vector envelope.

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Hello there, I'm a recent kronos player, I was wondering if it is possible to change between oscillators´ 1 and 2 volume with basic key presses.
For every time I press a key, even if it was the same key held through the sustain pedal or not, like C2 for instance, it would alter between osc1 and osc2 sound. Free ringtones download at: Phoneringtones.info
My goal is to play my sampled bass with an up/down picking motion.

I've read alternate modulators, vector envelopes, ams, even read dynamic midi but that's for karma use I think..., I'm having trouble figuring this out.

The point is to create a playable instrument, something that works for performance, as I could obviously record control data easily and in sync with tempo or use vector envelopes.
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Thank you so much for the attention,

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