Int B Prog 010 Doesn't Sound Like Med Orch Pizzicato!

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Int B Prog 010 Doesn't Sound Like Med Orch Pizzicato!

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I've tried reloading this entire bank, and when that didn't change anything, I tried loading just the program at 010 in Int-B bank, but the sound is the same. Even from the locked Factory folder, reloading this sound doesn't fix it.

I'm getting a sort of rip sound followed by a synthesizer filtered pulse sound instead of string pizzicato. A couple of other sounds have the strings there, but some synth sounds like an arpeggio underneath them.

I have not been able to figure out how to fix that sound. I've initialized 010 and then reloaded the program, but it's still wrong.

When I open the Osc Basic tab and look at Osc 1, the WSeq is U-F09: Offbeat A and Osc 2 is 00009: Symphonic Strings Arco mf and 00008 Smooth strings ensemble Far.

Can anyone check their Int B program 10 and find out what should be there?

Better yet, how do I reload the factory sounds in this bank so that they overwrite this rubbish?

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