KORG KROSS 88 MB - Better Than The KROME EX?

Korg raises the bar again in the workstation category with the all new Korg KROSS. ... quality sound engine that punches well above it's weight. This section covers both the original KORG KROSS and the KROSS 2

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KORG KROSS 88 MB - Better Than The KROME EX?

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The original KORG KROSS was one of those "OK" keyboards. It sounded nice but not massively impressive, was the right price and even had a carry handle built in.

KORG obviously knew they could do better and hence the arrival of the KORG KROSS V2.

Same name but a very different keyboard. Much more stylish, better sounds, built in audio interface, user sampling...limited but still there and they kept the price down.

Of course there are one or two compromises. That tiny screen for a start. But the real question is, has the KORG KROSS now become a better buy than it's older sibling the KROME EX?

The KROME has been around for years and whilst a nice keyboard it was already lagging behind on release, not having an audio interface when the competition in the form of the Yamaha MOXF and Roland FA both had such a feature.

The "New" KROME EX is not really new at all. It simply has some extra sounds that the original did not have.

The KROSS 2 is a much newer keyboard with features to match.

So which would you choose. KORG KROSS 2 88 or KORG KROME EX 88?


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