MG12UX mixer - usb level problem?

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MG12UX mixer - usb level problem?

Unread post by paulmapp8306 » Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:46 pm

Hi all, I recently bought an MG12UX mixer, but the USB signal levels seem off.

Both PC volume (media player, youtube etc) and all 3 of my DAWs (Reaper for a ling time, Ableton lite and Cubase le recently free with gear)behave the same.

1. Volume outs - the levels are VERY hot. I can tame the PC outs from the audio tabs, but not the DAWs. When I send a track out set at 0db in the daw, the PFL level in the mixer is just peaking - about +16db. IfI send a low level of -16, the PFL: meters read 0db.

2. Input levels are off by the same amount, but in reverse. That is if I send a 0db signal from the mixer, the Daw only registers a -16db signal.

Obviously I can just send/receive using the Mixer levels, but that gives me a low level to work with in the Daw.

No idea whats causing it - but it would seem that the mixer is seeing a 0db signal, when the PC and Daws are seeing 0db. As a digital signal that shouldnt happen. Its like theres a 16db pad on the USB outs, and 16db gain on the usb in - or possible vica versa at the PC (16bd pad on the ins and gain on the outs).

No idea how to fix it - or do I have a faulty mixer?
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Re: MG12UX mixer - usb level problem?

Unread post by parametric » Thu Jan 03, 2019 2:48 am

Hi Paul - and welcome to the Forums . . .

Is the mixer NEW, or second user?

If second-user - then you could be experiencing the remnants of a previous "setup" - as I describe below?

Is the "Attenuator function" (Manual Page 28) enabled? - and at what setting . . . .there's large range settable ?

Also, check that none of the Pads are enabled . . .

It's often good to have a "state zero" policy when you've FINISHED a project.

Mixer channels are often used in pairs (for stereo) - so set the pans to full L and full R on alternate channels.

This helps prevent accidentally recording MONO (if they are all set to centre) . . . .

Channel level knobs at zero . . (YOU apply what level is needed - rather than whatever it was set at last time!)

This PREVENTS setting from a previous project being accidentally take as NORMAL, in a new project . . .

I'll admit that the above was principally to help rationalise a MULTI-USER situation in a STUDIO.

Users were required to leave the Mixer at "State Zero" - ready for next user . . . (IYSWIM)

If YOU are the only user, then you'll most likely REMEMBER if settings have been left in a certain way. . . .

although I DO think the State Zero method does have merit . . . 8-)

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Re: MG12UX mixer - usb level problem?

Unread post by paulmapp8306 » Thu Jan 03, 2019 7:24 am


The mixer is new. I had found the attenuation function - and that obviously helps with the input signal - but not the low output levels.

It would be a nice feature - but again, unless I have a faulty mixer, the attenuation resets to 0db every time the mixer is power cycled. I did speak to Yamaha, and they said thats normal - which is a bit daft from a functional POV.
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