Yamaha RY-30 modulation wheel is not working

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Yamaha RY-30 modulation wheel is not working

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I have a problem with Yamaha RY-30. Everything works fint but the mod wheel.

I disconnected the wheel cord and checked it with multimeter, black and red wires show about 10.3 kOhms, and both black/orange and red/orange pairs show about 5.2 kOhms. I turned the wheel to both sides and it showed from 0.2 to 10.3. So it seems like the potentiometer itself works fine. I disassembled the pot and injected some kontakt-61 in order to provide its smooth action, but after I re-assembled it, nothing changed. The wheel is still lifeless, no signs of action.

I need to look elsewhere, so I think there must be some controller providing wheel's operations, can you give me some hint? Or maybe I need to check those wheel modes switcher?


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