CPX900 dimensions/good hard case?

The CPX are high quality series of acoustic guitars featuring tops made from select pieces of spruce on bodies and backs of flamed maple. The CPX is designed to provide great playability for on-stage performance with large and deep bodies that deliver a dynamic sound, bracing designs that resist feedback, and single cutaways that provide access to the upper neck.

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CPX900 dimensions/good hard case?

Unread post by KalMax » Sun Sep 01, 2019 12:38 pm

Hey, new here! I've had my CPX900 for some years now, but have only just run into the problem of needing to transport it on a plane. I have a soft padded case, but I want a hard case to be on the safe side. I've been trying to find the exact dimensions of the 900 online and haven't had any luck, so I was wondering if anyone has the exact dimensions (it's not with me or I'd measure it myself), or perhaps uses a particular hard case for theirs that they'd recommend for fit and security, and doesn't break the bank?
Thanks for your help! 😁
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