Yamaha CPX 500 saddle

The CPX are high quality series of acoustic guitars featuring tops made from select pieces of spruce on bodies and backs of flamed maple. The CPX is designed to provide great playability for on-stage performance with large and deep bodies that deliver a dynamic sound, bracing designs that resist feedback, and single cutaways that provide access to the upper neck.

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Yamaha CPX 500 saddle

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Hi everyone, I hope you're all safe and doing well.

I've found this forum looking for help with my guitar and I hope you guys can give me some advice.

I own a Yamaha CPX 500 acoustic guitar and I wanted to change the saddle to lower my strings at the bottom part of the neck for a few millimeters. I've bought a new one to avoid sanding the original Yamaha one. I've watched several videos on youtube and on all of them it looked fairly easy, mark how much you want to lower strings, pull out the old saddle, do some sanding on the new one and pretty much all done. Both old and new saddles looked pretty much the same, flat bottom part and sand away all you want. Now you can imagine my surprise when I saw what the original Yamaha CPX 500 saddle looks like, totally different from the new one I wanted to place (Picture 2), plus there is something bellow the saddle that I'm not sure what it is for (well I think I do but I'm not gonna say to avoid looking like a complete noob lol).

What I want to ask you guys is am I safe to just place that new saddle (after I adjust it of course) instead of the old one and on top of that thing on picture 1?

Thanks in advance for your replies.
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Picture 1.jpg

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