Yamaha FG800M - An Entry Level Guitar with Pro Features.

For over 40 years, the FG series has continued to offer outstanding quality and tone on affordable instruments. These player favorites have played countless gigs, written thousands of songs and are heard by millions of people year after year.

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Yamaha FG800M - An Entry Level Guitar with Pro Features.

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Yamaha FG800M
Yamaha FG800M

The FG800M is a fantastic guitar for the money and the FULL REVIEW IS HERE but I just wanted to say a few words because people have been emailing questions and it is better to answer them here than individually.

The first thing to clarify is, yes there are two versions of this guitar but it is the only one in the current FG range that has two versions. There is also the FG800 which is the same guitar but has a more refined finish, in other words it is varnished where the FG800M has a completely matt finish.

Apart from that the two guitars are identical in materials used, sound and playability.

The back and sides are laminate and the top layer of that laminate is Nato. What the other layers are I cannot say but typically on lower priced guitars only the top outward facing layer is of the named tone wood and the other layers are of a cheaper wood. However, don't place too much importance on that. A laminate back and sides is never going to contribute much to the sound of the guitar. All the action is with the soundboard which in this case is solid spruce.

The neck is also made from Nato.

The reason they use Nato is because it has very similar tonal characteristics to mahogany but without the weight and of course it is a less costly wood and so keeps the retail price down. It is actually a win for the customer because you get a great sounding guitar for very little money.

I have been asked about the finish of the back of the neck because the particular guitar I reviewed had a slightly rough surface to it. It had definitely not been finished properly and although I can sort of let that go because of the price it REALLY should never happen with any guitar let alone a Yamaha!

When I say it was a "little rough" I don't mean it was uncomfortable to play. It definitely wasn't but, it was noticeable.

Would I have sent it back if it was mine? No I would not. It was perfectly playable but we hold Yamaha to high standards and I am sure they would agree that something like this should not have made it through quality control.

That issue aside the FG800M was an incredibly nice guitar to play both in terms of sound and feel. Yamaha really nailed it with the sound because this definitely sounds a lot more expensive than it is. The room mics in the video don't really do it justice and for around £200 I would say it is the ideal guitar for someone just starting out or for more experienced players looking for a great guitar on a budget.

Check out the full review and let me know what you think. Also if you have any other contenders for 'Best Beginners Guitar'?
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