FG 180

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FG 180

Unread post by Joner4589 »

Hi. I need advice on an FG 180. I need to know it’s date of production. It has scratches and scuffs. There are 2 numbers on the inside : T0186508 & 20818190. Not sure how much it’s worth, can anybody help?
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Re: FG 180

Unread post by Saul »

I missed this post for some reason. I normally get a notification when a new post is made in this category.

It is the second of the serial numbers that is important for dating. 20818190 and that would make this a 1972 model FG180. So it would have been one of the last ones made as production ceased that year.

Originally the FG180 was made in Japan but I understand, going by the serial number that this particular guitar would have been made in the Kaohsiung Factory in Taiwan.

As for value they don't really sell for much, probably due to the all laminate construction but, that is a good thing for buyers because these guitars sound great! In good condition you are probably looking at around the $300 mark but it really would have to be a good player. There are a lot of not so great FG180's out there with bowed necks, high actions etc and the cost to repair is higher than the value of the guitar.

Anyway, hope that helps?

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Re: FG 180

Unread post by Mimasu »

Saul wrote: Sat Aug 08, 2020 5:47 amOriginally the FG180 was made in Japan but I understand, going by the serial number that this particular guitar would have been made in the Kaohsiung Factory in Taiwan.
Indeed made in the Kaohsiung Taiwan factory. Not only by the serial number though. The red labels that are missing the "Nippon Gakki" are the ones made in Taiwan. There's also "Made in Taiwan"at the back of the headstock, but that sometimes goes missing 8) .

Average price last few years for a Nippon Gakki Red Label FG180 was 380 Euro in Europe. One from Taiwan in great condition would do about the same I think. The regular FG180 from Taiwan would be somewhat lower.

You can find very high prices on the internet sometimes. Mostly they don't get sold. Highest price getting sold was about 750 euro. But then we are talking about an early Nippon Gakki, mint condition, very playable, and original case.


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