Yamaha FG-3365SB

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Yamaha FG-3365SB

Unread post by JaminCat »


I have a Yamaha FG-3365SB but know nothing about its construction. Does anyone have any information about this model?


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Re: Yamaha FG-3365SB

Unread post by Saul »

I don't know a lot about this model other than it would have been built in the 70's and could have a solid top...I think. Most of the models with (S) in the name had solid tops.

The older FG's are quite popular. How long have you had it?

By the way, Yamaha have a completely new range of FG's coming soon.

Oh and welcome to the forum! :)
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Re: Yamaha FG-3365SB

Unread post by Buzzard »

Hi JaminCat , Welcome to the Yamaha Forums. :D

I googled you guitar and came up blank.
Could it be a limited edition or custom shop ?
Does it say where it's made on the label inside ?

All the FG's , even the low end models sound brilliant for the price.

With a bit of luck, more forum users will chip in with more info.

Best Regards
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