Looking for an Appraisal

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herrhough Australia
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Looking for an Appraisal

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Hi Folks,
I'm about to sell my remaining Yamaha drum. It's an MSD 0106 Maple Custom 6x14 Snare. serial number HM1600

The Yamaha website tells me it's a drum built in June 1981 and the prices I see on ebay range from 500-2,500 USD $

Today I spoke with a drum store who made me an offer and tried to tell me the drum is not original. IMHO only the heads and the snare wire are not original.

Is there anyone here who knows Yamaha drums well enough to be able to tell me if the drum is otherwise original or not and give me a reasonable retail appraisal as to what I should ask for this drum?

Any help gratefully appreciated.....
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Saul Ukraine
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Re: Looking for an Appraisal

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What was the store guy's reason for saying that it was not original?
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Polluxondrums France
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Re: Looking for an Appraisal

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Your snare drum is fully normal.
It’s an early make custom one where the serial number et pour in an extra small badge near the air vent.
Don’t listen to the guy, he just tries to screw you.
Where are you based?
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