LS-TA System 70 line out / DI Box question

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LS-TA System 70 line out / DI Box question

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Hi everyone,

Am totally clueless when it comes to guitar tech...Checking for wider wisdom as I am experiencing something which is not documented on the System 70 instruction manual so far.

Owned a LS-TA for a few years. And when I plug it to an guitar amp (normal or headphone), or to my Audient Evo 4 audio interface to PC, the LED light on the system 70 is Bright red, which indicates 'line out' function. Understand from the manual that "Inserting a plug into the output jack switches the internal preamplifier ON."

I notice that when I play the guitar in church, when connected to a Countryman DI box (believe is the Type 85, which is active?), there is no bright red LED light but it is bright green instead? Is this normal?

And then last week, halfway through practice there was no sound from guitar and it turned dim green instead. Battery on LS-TA was changed to brand new ones and same problem persists.

Came home to test and line out works on guitar amp, headphone amp, and my Audient Evo 4....with usual red light on, so am wondering if I am missing something. Went to the Yamaha service center and they cannot explain why there is a bright green light when plugged into the Countryman DI box.

Thanks for thoughts.
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